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Death Valley Marathon,
Half Marathon & 10K
February 1, 2014
Official Entrant Newsletter

Dear DEATH VALLEY runner,

Congratulations on your entry in the 16th annual DEATH VALLEY MARATHON, HALF MARATHON & 10K, scheduled for Saturday, February 1, 2014. We hope your training is going well and that you’re getting excited about experiencing the extraordinary beauty of Death Valley!

This is the OFFICIAL ENTRANT NEWSLETTER, containing all of the details you'll need to plan your race weekend. Please read this information carefully, so you’ll be well-prepared for race day. Nothing will be mailed to you prior to the event. All participants will pick up bib numbers during MANDATORY RACE DAY CHECK-IN (details below). The National Park Service has asked that we pass along their Principles for participation. Please review them online here.

Race Day Details


  • 6:45–7:45am: ATHLETE CHECK-IN You will pick up your bib # at the CORKSCREW SALOON at Furnace Creek Ranch. To receive your bib number and participate in this event YOU MUST BRING $10 National Park admission fee or proof of payment (i.e. a receipt from the Visitor's Center or a National Parks annual pass). If you have carpooled to Death Valley, it's best if you pay your fee at the visitor's center as you can both use the same receipt as proof of payment. Otherwise you will EACH have to pay the $10 park fee when you come to get your bib.
  • 7:50am: PRE-RACE ANNOUNCEMENTS will be held at the start line.
  • 8:00am: RACE STARTS at approximately this time.
  • 5:00pm: Informal AWARDS CEREMONY We will announce the overall and age-group winners at the Corkscrew Saloon. It also gives you a chance to swap stories with other runners about the race. Personalized award plaques and ribbons will be mailed out 6-8 weeks after the race.
BENEFICIARY Proceeds from this race benefit the the Beatty High School Students. These young volunteers and their accompanying parents will be along the course to support you. Be sure to thank them for their hard work!

Course Details

Aid stations will be located approximately every three miles and will be stocked with water, Gatorade, Clif Bars, bananas and a variety of sweet and salty snacks. We strongly recommend that you carry water and/or a preferred sports bar or nutritional aid.

Facilities will be located approximately every three miles along the course. Please remember that you are in a National Park and you need to use the port-a-potties supplied.

There is a 6-hour course-wide cutoff for Marathoners. This reflects a minimum pace of 13:45 per mile.

Marathoners: The course is being re-certified before February and will be a USATF-Certified Boston Qualifier. For information on qualifying times for your age group, visit www.bostonmarathon.org/BostonMarathon/Qualifying.asp.


  • All courses are out-and-back along Hwy 190 through the heart of Death Valley.
  • All races start and finish at the Furnace Creek Ranch.
  • The 10K turnaround is at 3.1 miles; the Half Marathon turnaround is at 6.5 miles and the Marathon turns around at 13.1 miles.
  • The entire course is below sea level, completely surrounded by desert wilderness and boasts panoramic vistas of the mountains surrounding Death Valley.
  • Although the road is not closed to traffic, we ask that you discourage your family and friends from driving along the route. This has caused problems in the past and may jeopardize the future of this event.

Course Rules

To secure permits for this event, we must strictly abide by the following regulations prescribed by CalTrans, the California Highway Patrol and the National Park Service. The course will be monitored. Violation of any of the following rules WILL result in disqualification.

  • Participants must run on the west shoulder of the highway at all times (both out and back).
  • Crossing the road or running down the centerline to cut tangents is NOT permitted.
  • NO personal support allowed on the course. Participants must carry their own aid and/or use the provided aid stations along the course.
  • Runners must not bunch up in groups blocking the roadway. Runners must run in single file when traffic is in roadway. Runners not yielding to traffic and creating a hazardous situation may be removed from the event and/or issued a citation. Failure to comply with these rules could jeopardize the future of the event.
  • Runners must always have official bib number visible on your front.
Additionally, Enviro-Sports enforces the following course rules in the interest of participants' safety:
  • NO HEADPHONES or personal audio devices of any kind. If anyone is seen wearing any audio devices, they WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. (This is a Park Service REQUIREMENT as part of our permit for the event.)
  • No jogging strollers.

About Death Valley

Winter temperatures are typically moderate (between 40 and 70 degrees), but the desert can be unpredictable, so come prepared for rainy, windy or colder conditions.

No matter what the temperature, one thing remains constant: Death Valley is dry! Take care to stay hydrated before, during and after your race.

Death Valley is one of our national treasures. It takes at least two days to truly begin to explore its splendors, so plan to stay after your race! Visit the Death Valley National Park website to start planning your trip.

Travel & Accommodations

If you are flying in for this event, the closest airport is Las Vegas (LAS), which is a 2.5-hour drive from Death Valley. We HIGHLY recommend that you stay in Death Valley and NOT in Las Vegas on Friday night.

Furnace Creek Ranch is located at the Start/Finish of this event. It is also the location of Mandatory Race Day Check-In. Call the Ranch directly to make reservations: 760-786-2345.

Four-star accommodations are available at the Furnace Creek Inn (about 1 mile from Furnace Creek Ranch Start/Finish area). Call the Inn directly to make reservations: 760-786-2345.

For CAMPING/RV information call 760-786-2331.

This hotel is located about 25 miles from Furnace Creek race Start/Finish.
Please call 760-786-2387 for reservations.

IMPORTANT! If you are arriving late Friday night, please note that the restaurants stop serving by 9pm and the General Store closes at 9pm as well. The store will open at 6:00am on race day morning. The Ranch 49er Cafe at the Furnace Creek Ranch will open early and be offering a runners special light breakfast for purchase from 6:00-7:30AM Saturday morning only. Full breakfast will be available after 7:00AM. (Wrangler Buffet opens at 6am and Forty-Niner Café opens at 7am) Be sure to bring the appropriate food and drinks for your pre-race needs and plan accordingly.

FURNACE CREEK INN has a fine-dining restaurant that is open to the public. *Friday night menu to include a special pasta dish for runners*. Advance reservations are recommended (760-786-2331) and a "casual elegance" dress code is required.

FURNACE CREEK RANCH offers more informal dining at its two restaurants: The Wrangler Steakhouse and the Forty-Niner Cafe. The Ranch also has a GENERAL STORE with a very limited variety of food and drinks.
Driving Directions

FURNACE CREEK INN & RANCH RESORT is located in the heart of Death Valley National Park, approximately 120 miles northwest of Las Vegas and 275 miles northeast of Los Angeles.

FROM LAS VEGAS (about 2.5 hours drive time)

  • From McCarran International Airport, follow signs for I-15/I-215.
  • Take I-215 West to I-15 South.
  • Take I-15 South and turn West on Hwy. 160 to Pahrump.
  • DO NOT turn left towards Shoshone at Hwy. 32, but continue on Hwy. 160 approximately 3 miles to Belle Vista Rd.
  • Follow signs to Death Valley.
FROM THE SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA (9+ hours drive time)
  • Take I-5 South to Bakersfield.
  • Take Hwy. 58 East to Mojave.
  • Take Hwy. 14 North to Hwy. 395 and go North to Olancha.
  • Take 190 East to Death Valley.
FROM LOS ANGELES (about 6 hours drive time)
  • Take I-5 North towards Simi Valley.
  • Exit to Hwy 14 through Mojave.
  • Hwy 14 becomes Hwy 395 North to Olancha.
  • At Olancha, turn right onto Hwy 190.
  • From Hwy 190 turn into Furnace Creek Ranch.
See you there!

In closing, we’d like to share a recent newspaper article describing Death Valley:

"...the most deadly and dangerous spot in the United States. It is a pit of horrors--the haunt of all that is grim and ghoulish. Such animal and revile life as infests this pest-hole is of ghastly shape, rancorous nature and diabolically ugly. It breeds only noxious and venomous things. Its dead do not decompose, but are baked, blistered and embalmed by the scorching heat through countless ages. It is surely the nearest to a little hell upon earth that the whole wicked world can produce." (1894)

We look forward to seeing you in Death Valley soon!

Wendy & Dave Horning,
Michelle Ruettinger and the entire

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