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The "Why" Variable

What drives you to be active? Some of us have to ask ourselves "Why?" every time we stumble out of bed and shuffle out the door to go for a run. For others, an active lifestyle has become so ingrained in their routine that it’s been a long time since they stopped to think about the "Why" variable.

How Enviro-Sports Fits into the Equation

For more than 30 years, we’ve introduced runners to the cathedral-like canopies of Big Sur, the fog-cradled hills of Muir Woods, and the striking panoramic views of the Death Valley desert. And athletes have been venturing with us to Alcatraz Island in the San Francisco Bay for the opportunity to ESCAPE FROM THE ROCK™ since 1981!

The End Results

Enviro-Sports events are designed to help you become part of the group for whom "Why" is no longer an issue. We’re here to remind you that while many of us live and work in the concrete jungle, the tranquil single track and dirt fire roads with built-in panoramic vistas are all around us, waiting for us to stop, take notice and hit the trails! And from what you've told us, the breathtaking locations we've taken you to over the years make for the most memorable races. We know that when you cross an Enviro-Sports finish line instead of asking, "Why?," you’ll wonder, "When’s your next event?"

Our Responsibility

Enviro-Sports was born out of our passion for nature and the outdoors. Sharing wilderness trails with hundreds of other outdoor enthusiasts through our events comes with the responsibility to respect and preserve the environment. Enviro-Sports supports environmental education, trail maintenance and habitat restoration in the national, state and county parklands where we run.

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